One to One Contact Sessions

About UsOrcadia’s Contact Sessions take place in a safe, stimulating, relaxed and friendly environment.  The aim of the programme is to extend the students sensory learning process into everyday life situations; to develop self-expression, build more positive self-identity and improve communication ability.

We offer a wide variety of creative activities including art, music, movement and drama.  All our sessions are flexible and adaptable, for example a session may include sensory learning by exploring a variety of materials with touch, hearing and smell.  A music session may begin with instrument playing and vocal work developing into movement or drama. Whatever the individual student feels they want to do we encourage their creative interests.

Contact Sessions are open to all, tailored accordingly to the abilities of the individual student.  With one to one attention and support from the tutors students are encouraged to take part in whichever way they feel comfortable – exploring, experimenting and developing at their own pace.  We provide an enjoyable and stimulating experience for all our students encouraging independence, confidence and boosting self-esteem.