Evening Classes

eveningclassessmallDrama is first and foremost – fun!

Drama begins with gentle warm up exercises, classes progress to movement and onto music, mime and improvisations.  These encourage the students to create their own scenarios.  Everyone is encouraged to participate and if a student is reluctant to perform ‘on stage’ we instead try to involve them in props, scenery and music from the sidelines.  In this way we can tailor to the needs of the individual within the group.

All are welcome to join, regardless of need, ability or experience.  Our evenings are extremely lively with a great deal of laughter and great group participation.

Music and Storytelling/Music and Percussion

Students in these groups compose their own songs which can then be incorporated into stories.  Many wonderful stories are created using voice work for character and narration with sound effects being collected from around the Centre using microphones.  Students also love to create songs about their friends.  All their creations are included on a cd for the students to keep.